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K.A. 11/20/16

Great experience

Dayna, was knowledgeable and skilled in what she was doing. I felt much lighter after the cupping. I will be going back. Thank you!

K.R. 11/12/16


After trying many types of relief from pain my right wrist – I was referred by co worker to go to Massage Tonics. I went online scheduled appointment with Sarah. Immediately It was apparent this therapist was experienced. She worked the pressure points. Knew where and what to do. I give Massage Tonics 5 Stars. Ask for Sarah – she is terrific!

Jen H. 11/9/16

Instantly felt better!

I had a massage with Dayana and I can’t say enough about her! She was so professional and so knowledgeable. I had been in pain for over a week and no amount of stretching, ice/heat, or anti inflammatory meds were helping. Dayana found exactly where the problem was originating from and offered very helpful advice to help prevent this issue from reoccurring. She genuinely cared about me and my health/wellness. I will be back for sure!! Thank you Dayana 🙂

Shela Goh 11/6/16


This was the first time I’d had a session with Sarah and suffice to say, it won’t be the last. She’s able to perfectly achieve a balance between therapy and relaxation which, in my opinion, is what a massage should be.

Courtney C. 12/5/16

Monica is SO GOOD!!!

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the massages I have had with Monica!! I always feel so much better after she works out all those knots. Treat yourself with a massage from her! You will be so glad you did!!

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